Saturday, March 5, 2011

Report from the Streets: Ours on Ponce Screening at Hotel Palomar

Lobby at Hotel Palomar

I could not believe it! As we pulled up to the Hotel Palomar on Wednesday night, the search lights were beaming across the front of this 20+ story modernistic boutique hotel and we were about to watch the screening of our short film "Ours On Ponce."  Way to make us feel special!

What started as an idea for this blog somehow turned into a documentary that was now being seen by hundreds of people.  Serendipity was on our side.  When we went out to film that night in January we had no real plans, other than to film on Ponce de Leon Avenue from sunset to sunrise, to not get mugged or hurt and to have fun documenting the infamous street that personifies Atlanta, GA.  As luck would have it we ran into some of Atlanta most recognized characters:  Kenny Crucial, The guy who plays trumpet outside the Drunken Unicorn, Romeo Collogne and even Dax!  We even got a personalized 3AM tour of the condemned Clermont Hotel. This was all about Atlanta! And most importantly we had a lot of fun.

So now, only a few weeks later, along with 15 other short films, our film was being screened at a fancy hotel and is being considered for an award!  And if we win, we will be screened at the main Atlanta Film Festival and we will all get passes for the festival.

Screening at Hotel Palomar
So as we walked into Hotel Palomar I picked up a program, a glass of wine and perused the delectable h'ors d'oeuvres.  They even had a theater popcorn machine.  We watched the screening of the first eight films.  Ours on Ponce was my favorite of the night of course, but I also really liked Good Times.  It was a cute film that features the Krog Street tunnel, though I kind of wished it had a little bit more of an Atlanta element to it.  A few of the films made me feel like I was in art school again, randomly meandering through the minds of artists, slightly confused.  Later Adron would play a set.  We were proud to have been chosen, and all the hard work of editing (mostly done by Kim) seemed to have paid off.

The second 8 of the 16 chosen films screened the second night, and the competition was a little more fierce that night.  To/From L5P was in the same vein as ours without all the interviews and funny commentary.  I also really liked Gnome or Mr. Nice Guy, but again I was hoping for something a little more "Atlanta" from it.

The thing that strikes me most is that we had literally just filmed this 1 month ago and now we were watching it among our "peers" and being treated as "artists" or "filmmakers."  None of us are professional artists or filmmakers, we just had an idea of how we see Atlanta and now it was being seen and appreciated (we hope) by lots of people.  Again, serendipity was our friend all along the way on this little journey.  I was also honored to be among all of the other filmmakers who put together some inventive and humorous views of Atlanta.

So, Ours On Ponce is up for a "Viewers Choice" award.  What that means is that YOU the viewer can decide if this is screened at the big Atlanta Film Festival this year.  Voting ends March 18th.  Please watch and vote and then go tell your friends!

Thanks to Creative Loafing, The Atlanta Film Festival and especially to all the bars and people we ran into that night.  You are Atlanta and you make us proud!

OURS ON PONCE - Of course I am bias but I think you should vote for this one: