Monday, January 10, 2011

REM's Radio Free Europe is Chosen for the Library of Congress National Recording Registry

Contributed by: Andy Gish

The Library of Congress apparently collects 25 recordings each year that they feel should be preserved forever.  REM's Radio Free Europe has been chosen as part of its "National Recording Registry". They chose the original version of the song that was released as a single, not the one that was later released on Murmur.

Thanks to Studio 360  for posting these:

The first clip below is a really cool interview with Mike Mills and Mitch Easter (who recorded it) and Mike Henry (who originally played it on UGA radio) all looking back at Radio Free Europe:

The second is a recording of one of their first shows at Tyrone's in Athens, GA:

REM Flyer from 1981 - Courtesy of Al Shelton

Tyrone's apparently burned down in 1982.  It was located at 110 Foundry Street, very close to where Flagpole Magazine currently sits. 

REM Flyer from 1981 - Courtesy of Al Shelton 

Also check out this site for other REM landmarks.

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